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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rainbow Pyramid

NOTE: This post originally referred to the attraction as "Snuffle Ball". It appears "Snuffle Ball" was a different science element that involved balls and air pressure.

Rainbow Pyramid was a sunken play area at Sesame Place on opening day. Children were able to play as they learned about air pressure.

 Image from YouTube

Guests would toss a ball at a pyramid that had jets of air coming out of  it.

 Image from YouTube

Air rushing over top of the spinning ball would move faster than the air below keeping the ball suspended.

In 2001 the space that Rainbow Pyramid had occupied became home to Sesame Playhouse, a boardwalk style, games of chance attraction.

Image From Google Street Views


  1. Yet another thing I remember from my visit. I kept trying to climb the pyramid because there weren't nearly enough balls for the number of kids trying to play.

  2. That's great! I can totally imagine trying to scale it as a kid in that situation.

  3. i remember this way into 2001 haha when i was 11 and went in 01 i was makin the little kids cry by stealing their balls. bad kanako