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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Computer Gallery: List of Games

The Computer Gallery was an opening day attraction at Sesame Place. It remained there until sometime after 1993 when it was renamed The Games Gallery (and became a more traditional arcade.)
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When it opened in 1980 it had "56 Apple II computers linked by three Nestar Cluster/One Model A hard disc systems." It was called "the nations largest collection of computer games".

The computer keys were arranged in alphabetical order and the computers ran on tokens.

Tokens were 3 for $1 in 1980. Children could play for "up to four minutes on one token"
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Here is information on a few of the games:

Lemonade - This game demonstrates using the computer to solve economic problems of running a lemonade stand at a profit. (citation)

Tune-In - A music based game where players compose a melody by arranging musical phrases pre-programmed into the computer.
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Fire Fly - Tests hand-eye coordination. Plays try to see how many windows in a city they can light up with a flash of light.

Mup-O-Matic - Players guess the Muppet character emerging in the video patterns. This was aimed at younger children.
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Art Beams - Kids design a six-color video design which is then stretched, squeezed, angled or flipped over. (citation)

Reflect - Players bounce a light beam off a mirror at angle to make objects on the screen react. One object was a rosebud which would blossom if hit with light.

Layer Cake - A variation of an ancient puzzle game where players move layers of cake to the correct sized plate.

Paddle Tennis - A tennis game that could be played with or without gravity.
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Do you remember any others? Please let me know!

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  1. Did they still have these games when it became the games gallery?