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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Grover Clock

The Grover Clock was an icon from the early days of the park.

 Image from YouTube
The tall clock was had a Grover face in the center and a Grover faced pendulum that hung below. As the pendulum would swing from side to side his eves would follow.

  Image from YouTube

 Today the clock image has been replaced with an image of Big Bird and still stands in front of the Monster Rock Theater.
 Image from Google Street Views

There is no pendulum anymore and no sign of the "eye holes" anymore.

 Image from YouTube and Flickr

I can only assume this is an item that broke and it wasn't deemed worthy of repairing. It's a shame. It's one of the few updates to the park that feels like a downgrade. 

Little touches like this really make a park vibrant and lively.

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