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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Herry's Hand Over Water in Texas

Looks like the attraction was much larger (as was much of the Texas park) and designed differently than the Langhorne park.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Tokyo Sesame Place in 2012

The following photos are from the website http://blog.livedoor.jp/kazumahakase-jikkenshitsu/archives/14778941.html

This site does "urban exploring" of closed or abandoned places.

They took photos of Tokyo Sesame Place 6 years after it closed.

I have archived them here, in case they are ever removed from their site.

Tokyo: Ernie and Bert's Playroom

This was an indoor play area for toddlers: 

Image from http://kozaru98.fc2web.com/kouen/tokyo/sesami_prace/sasami_prace.htm

Image fromhttp://lkb6.com/

Tokyo: Hooper's Store

Tokyo Sesame Place Restaurant

Image from http://lkb6.com/

The popular Zoe Rice Omelet:

Tokyo: Grover's Superdig

Kids could sit on a mechanical earth mover and move small amounts of dirt.

Image from http://lkb6.com

Image from http://lkb6.com

Tokyo: Rainbow Pyramid

Rainbow Pyramid was a play area at Tokyo Sesame Place. It was the same as the Rainbow Pyramids in Texas and Pennsylvania. 
Guests would toss a ball at a pyramid that had jets of air coming out of  it. 

Air rushing over top of the spinning ball would move faster than the air below keeping the ball suspended.

The signage in Tokyo had Sesame Street character Dr. Nobel Price:

Image from YouTube