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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Big Bird & Company Musical Review

Big Bird & Company was a stage show that opened in 1989 at the Big Bird Theater (today called the Monster Rock Theater.)
Image from YouTube

The 18 minute show featured Big Bird dancing the robot to Axel F and characters doing the moonwalk.

The show featured both Honkers, Ernie & Bert, Prairie Dawn, Cookie Monster, Grover and of course Big Bird.

The opening of the show went like this:

Big Bird: Hi everybody, my name is Big Bird. What's your name? 
(Every child in the audience shouts their name out) 
Big Bird: Well, nice to meet you Jim, Pat, Dave, Jan, Howie, Reuben, Jeanie, Frank, Debbie, Tommy, Michael, Lisa, Betsy, Warren, Clyde, Harold, Willie, Carol, Paul.  
(Axel F starts playing and Big Bird begins to do a robot dance with the Honkers.) 
Big Bird (sound robotic): Doug, Frank, Debbie, Jim, Pat, Dave, Howie, Rueben, Dee, Burl, Bret, Joel, Sherry, Jesus, Betsy, Warren, Clyde, Carol, Willie...

Image from Flickr

Muppet Wiki lists 1992 as the closing date, but a 1993 article about the park mentions the show.

Today the theater hosts the Elmo Rocks show.

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