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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The location of Super Grover's Cable Glide

There used to be a zip line ride at Sesame Place called Super Grover's Cable Glide.

It is listed in the 1980 park brochure and has been there since opening day.

Image from Henson

It is described as "a fast and breezy to go from here to there, by riding a rope on a pulley and sweeping 120 feet through the air just a few fee above the ground.

Images from YouTube

I also found images of a much smaller version of the attraction:

Image from YouTube

I contacted Jeff Davis, VP of Operations at Sesame Place and asked him if these were two separate rides or if both were part of the same "Super Grover Attraction:

The answer is that they were both Super Grover's Cable Glide and they were  located behind, what was then The Computer Gallery. This would put them just out of frame on the left hand side of this image:

 Image from Henson

This makes sense since you can see a street just beyond the fence in the pictures of the smaller track. If you look to the far left of the image above you can see that the street in front of the park bends around to the side of the park.

Many thanks to Jeff Davis for helping to answer this question.


  1. I was on vacation last week so I almost missed this. It's cool that the mystery is finally solved.

  2. Yep, I'm starting to put together a map of what 1980 Sesame Place looked like. It's fun to figure out where things were.