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Friday, July 27, 2012

Monster Maze

Monster Maze is an attraction at Sesame Place that has been there since opening day in 1980.

1985 Image from YouTube

Kids run through a maze of 40 lightweight punching bags.
Faces and monster horns have been added to the bags since opening day. 
 2012 Image

In the 1980s the signage featured Sesame Street character Frazzle:
1986 Image from YouTube

The current sign emphasizes safety and declares "no punching bags".
2012 Image

However in 1980 punching was allowed. 

The opening day brochure said "Youngsters can punch, push, shoulder and dodge their way through a forest of 40 six-foot-high lightweight punching bags to get to the other side."
Image from Henson

The attraction is located right in front of Ernie's Bed Bounce.

Posted by Guy Hutchinson


  1. About that current sign: You folks call that a rule change? I call it a contradiction in terms.

  2. Oh man, I loved this as a kid. Punching bags was definitely allowed in the early 90s.