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Monday, July 16, 2012

Bert's Balance Beams

NOTE: Because the Reading Eagle listed this as "Oscar's Balance Beams" I assumed that was correct. I have now learned it was Bert's Balance Beams and also sometimes listed on signage and printed materials as Bert's Balance Boards.

Image from Photobucket

A 1983 Reading Eagle article refers to it as Oscar's Balance Beams and writes:

Oscar's Balance Beams provide a chance for skillful adventurers to make their way across the balance beams over gentle geysers of water.
The image above looks like it could certainly be this attraction. The background looks like it would put this attraction in area behind Rubber Duckie Pond (now Elmo's Cloud Chaser.)

In the background we see a sign that reads Bert's Balance Boards. The signs would often be swapped out as they faded in the sun.


  1. Is that a net/grate over a giant pit? Forget zip lines and ball pits of undetermined depth. I think you found the most unsafe looking ride at the park.

  2. Yes and yes. It looks like the gaps are big enough that your legs could fit into them. Very odd design.

  3. I remember being absolutely terrified by these as a child. I ended up crawling on my hands and knees bawling my eyes out. I had nightmares for months. Completely forgot about it until I saw these pics. Thanks for the mad nostalgia rush your site has given me. I'm gonna be asking for your book for my birthday. If my parents still have any pics from our vacation there, I'll send them in. Judging by what I remember/don't remember, I think we visited in the 1990 season. Balance beam trauma aside, I had an amazing time.