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Monday, May 13, 2019

Tokyo Sesame Place Today

Back in 2012 I did a post about the location of the Tokyo Sesame Place. I was off by about a mile and a half.

Let's correct things! This weekend I was reading up on Tokyo Sesame Place (I will be blogging a bit more about it soon) and I looked at my old post and really couldn't match it up with the images I have of the park.

Thankfully I found an English language blogger who had done a blog where he mentioned Sesame Place. I reached out to him and he provided the location:

Google Maps location

Big thanks to Andy for the info! Really great to know and bizarre to see that Tokyo Sesame Place is still standing 13 years after it closed.

Image from Google Earth

This is a look at the parking lot today. The green and brown building with the arched roof used to have a Sesame Place logo on it. You can see it on Andy's blog:

I'm not sure exactly what this building was used for. It does not appear on the park map. When arriving there would be a Sesame Place archway to the right side of the picture (now removed) You can see the archway on the map below.

This building was probably administrative use of some kind. Ticket booths were located after the archway.

Image from Twitter

From there you would take a long escalator up the side of a large hill. I have marked the former location of the escalator in red:

Image from Google Earth

At the top of the escalator you would reach the Big Bird head. I have blogged about it before. I found a cool bit of trivia. The eyes lit up and there were small lights that went all around Big Bird's head. 

Thanks to Steve Davis for this info! Steve worked at the Langhorne park and traveled to the Tokyo park for it's opening in 1990.

All the play elements, restaurants and shops were on this level.

There's a bunch to cover here and I will put it together for you as soon as I can!

I will be discussing this at GalaxyCon Richmond in a panel called The History of Sesame Street in Theme Parks from Tokyo to Williamsburg  (Busch Gardens Williamsburg is nearby and has a Sesame Street section.)

Big thanks to the following for assistance in this article: andysensei.com, Steve Davis, Greg Hartley and Amanda (@circe154 on Twitter.) 

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  1. I had forgotten where in Tokyo it was located! We were there on the opening day because our son was selected as one of the 'gaijin' children to cut the ribbon for the official opening.