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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Little Bird's Court and Little Bird's Hop

Image from YouTube

Little Bird's Court was a name for a play area in Sesame Place Langhorne. Within this play area was a play element called Little Bird's Hop. This was a bunch of "Hopalong Big Bird" toys that kids could hop across an approximately 15 foot AstroTurf surface.

Image from YouTube

The Hopalong Big Bird toys were stored in round holes cut in the wood at the front of the "race area."
Image from YouTube

Image from Mego Museum

Because these were a consumer product they didn't hold up well at the park and Little Bird's Hop was removed.

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  1. SO CUTE!! I had a few hopalong toys of my own, though none of them were Big Bird. I also had a rocking Scooby Doo.