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Monday, January 28, 2013

1983 Park Map

Images from eBay

The park is broken down into 6 areas.
1)Entry Court
Guest Services

 2)Sesame Studio
Chat Lag
Pitch Switch
Teleidoscope Temple
Sesame Dream Network
Sesame Street Set
Pedal Power
Ernie's Bathtub
Pin Tables
Everyone is You and Me
Talking Picture Show
The Shadow Room
Foot Notes
Touch of Spring
Anti-Gravity Mirror
Mirror Mirage
Circus Mirrors

 3) Sesame Food Factory
4) Land Court
Picnic Area
The Snake Tube
Tunnels of Fun
5) Big Bird's Court (for younger children)
Little Bird's Fort

 6) Water Court
The Amazing Mumford's Water Maze
Oscar's Obstacle Course

Unfortunately I cannot see the other side of the brochure to get more info.

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  1. My sister and i went with my aunt and grandmother opening season 1980 the entrance to the park is not where it is now, The entrance was/is now the employee entrance. (Back then there was no main street) your first adventure was walking up the steps through big birds mouth and walking the hanging walkway to the back of the park to a two or three story platform with a slide as a kid that was the start to a day at sesame place