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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sesame Food Factory

The Sesame Food Factory was created by Joe Baum (link) who also created  The Four Seasons Restaurant, Windows on the World, and the restored Rainbow Room.

1986 Image from YouTube

The menu emphasized whole grains, vegatables and fruits. No fried foods. Low nitrate hot dogs and oven baked pizza available.
1986 Image from YouTube

Styled in "High Tech" with colorful pipes and panels. Glass walls separated the kitchen so people could see food being prepared.
1986 Image from YouTube
Healthy food was stressed. Sandwiches were made from whole-grain and unbleached flours, pizza of whole grain flour and bran.
1986 Image from YouTube

There were no french fries, instead "Potato Snuffles" which were shredded and baked. Small white bags with crunchy raw vegetable sticks were also served.

Image from YouTube

Natural fruit juices as well as soda were available. The cups showed Cookie Monster in a circle that read Sesame Food Factory:
1982 Image from Mid Cities Daily News

Today the restaurant has been replaced by Elmo's Eatery.

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