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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Inside Elmo's Eatery

Elmo's Eatery is the current name of a restaurant in Sesame Place. When the park opened it was called The Sesame Food Factory. The restaurant still has many of the design elements that were there on opening day. 

Gone are the glass walls separating the customers from the kitchen, but the area is still open and kids can watch food prepared right in front of them.

There was a faux topiary of Oscar the Grouch hanging from the ceiling earlier this year:

He has been removed recently. The topiary showed up (in a different can) outside the First Aid station at Halloween time as part of a Halloween display.

Currently the area is decorated for Christmas and Oscar hasn't returned.

Upstairs there are some great painted murals of Sesame Street characters:


  1. What do they serve there?

    (PS: I always eat at Captain Ernie's when I go to Sesame Place.)

    1. Healthy food. There weren't any fried food (at least, back when I went.) Captain Ernie's served hamburgers and chicken.