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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bob McGrath performing at Sesame Place

Actor Bob McGrath has been on Sesame Street since the very first episode. Today, at age 80, he still appears on the show. He has also appeared at Sesame Place:

 Image from WebShots

These images are circa 1998 and show Bob singing before a packed house at the Big Bird Theater (now Monster Rock Theater).
  Image from WebShots

  Image from WebShots
Behind him you can see the backdrops for 'Big Bird's Beach Party', the stage show that occupied the theater at that time.
 Image from Blogger

 Bob is a talented singer and has recorded many albums with (and without) Sesame Street.

Bob's Wikipedia photo was taken on a different day at Sesame Place:
Image from Wikipedia

Here are a few more images of Bob performing at Sesame Place: 

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

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