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Monday, October 1, 2012

The Count Looms Large Over Sesame Place

Right now, Sesame Place is celebrating their annual Halloween event.

I liked this little touch, temporary "Count Von Count" images cover the Big Bird on the logo:


  1. It probably serves two purposes, one for Halloween and the other more significant reason being that the voice actor and performer of the Count passed away on August 23rd of this year.

  2. I stand very corrected Guy! I just went to their Facebook page and didn't realize that it was a Count themed Halloween event! My bad! I guess I was just hoping the park did something nice in honor of the late great Jerry Nelson.

  3. That would be nice, wouldn't it! They did RT a tweet I posted about Jerry Nelson just after he passed: http://twitter.com/GuyHutchinson/status/239753159315181568

  4. A few years ago when my kids were younger (pre-k & 1G) those were good times going to sesame for Halloween always enjoyed the treasure hunt around the park