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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1995 Park Map

Many, many thanks to Christopher Mercaldo who provided us with scans of a 1995 park map!

There is a whole lot to go over in the map, and I will over the coming days, but first and foremost is the Sesame Place logo:
 As Christopher points out, Sesame Place had almost abandoned the classic "street sign" logo at this point.. This alternate logo (which seems far less interesting) is still used on merchandise but Sesame Place has returned to using the classic logo for most things.

The front gate(s) has always had the classic logo, I believe.

We will look at this page in close ups in the future, but this gives us a wonderful look at the layout of things like "Sesame Beach" and stuff I was unaware of like "Funtastic Laboratory" and "Runaway Rapids"!

So many wonderful things on this map! Again, I thank Christopher Mercaldo for sending this in. There is an email link on the right, and I encourage you to look for anything you have that will help us remember the park we grew up with!

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