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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big Bird Bridge

On the first post on this blog I talked about how a memory of Big Bird Bridge inspired me to start archiving Sesame Place's past.

Here is an overview of the, very simple, attraction:
Image from YouTube 

It was a suspension bridge that you entered through Big Bird's mouth.
Image from YouTube 

The bridge would give you spectacular views of the (then) three acre park.

Images from YouTube 

To give you some perspective: the Big Bird head was located at what was the front of the park in 1980. Today it would be the center of the park.

Take a look at the Google Maps image below of the park today. I inserted the early 1980s image on it and numbered a few corresponding locations. Make sure and note the park entrance in both images:
Images from YouTube & Google Maps

As the park expanded the bridge was removed. The Big Bird head remained (with the mouth closed) as a photo spot until it was replaced with the Sunny Day Carousel in 2008.

Images from YouTube & Flickr

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