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Monday, November 26, 2012

The "boat slide" at Rubber Duckie Pond (version 2)

Wow. That's a crazy looking title for this post: The "boat slide" at Rubber Duckie Pond (version 2).

Let me give you a quick explanation.

When Sesame Place opened in 1980 it featured a play element that was essentially a giant water bed:
 Image from CardCow.com

It was eventually re themed to be a splash pond (with the same name):

Image from Google Street Views

I did a post about both versions of this attraction covering cute details of what the statues of Bert and Ernie "caught" as they fished. You can read that here.

One detail that I didn't cover was the slide to the left of the statue:

Image from Webshots

The slide was designed to look like a boat that was washed up on some rocks. A ladder entered at the top where a hunk of the boat was missing. Kids then slid down to the bottom where another piece of the boat was open, letting them slide right into the pool.

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