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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Amazing Mumford's Water Maze: Version 2

Amazing  Mumford's Water Maze was a play element that opened with the park in 1980.
 1980 Image from YouTube

The attraction was a maze of plastic tunnels and netting with water that would spray over the area, soaking kids as the crawled through the net area.

The attraction was eventually removed and replaced with a similar, more colorful version:

2005 Image from Flickr

This version was removed for the 2006 addition of Elmo's World. 

Today the area is occupied by a walkway and a planter between Elmo's Cloud Chaser and Grover's World Twirl. 


  1. There's the water maze I remember! I loved it so much!

  2. (Not so) fun fact: As a child, I went into Mumford's maze and, disliking the cold water, refused to exit. They had to shut off the entire thing to get me out. Not my proudest moment.

  3. i remember the second water maze you showed