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Friday, August 21, 2015

BEN Around Philly

I appeared on the BEN FM radio show Ben Around Philly. You can listen to it on the link below:


Kristen talks to Guy Hutchinson, the co-author of a new book about Sesame Place! Hear how the park has changed in its 35 year history, and pick up a few insider tips about this gem in Langhorne, PA. Find the book on Amazon or at www.SesamePlaceBook.com. Then, Marilyn Russell chats with Sandra Price who, with her husband, owns New Hope Winery. Learn how Sandra and her husband revived this long-time winery in New Hope, and find more information at www.NewHopeWinery.com. Finally, Kristen sits down with NBC-10's Sheena Parveen about their 'Clear the Shelters' effort - a  nationwide push to clear animal shelters by partnering with area shelters to provide low cost or waived adoption, spay and neuter fees all day today (August 15th). More information can be found at www.NBC10.com or www.ClearTheShelters.com.

Q & A on Coaster101

I got to answer some questions from the Coaster101 team for an article that was posted on Roller Coaster Day.

I spoke about the book and Super Grover's Vapor Trail:


Tough Pigs (one of the oldest Muppet fan sites) did an entire week of articles about the book!

First up was a review of the book http://www.toughpigs.com/sesame-place-review/

The next two articles were written by myself. First was a now & then photo comparison:

Next up was a look at some of the current and former Sesame Place merchandise:

On Thursday they conducted a Q&A with me:

Friday I did an article about Jim Henson's work on the park:

Friday, July 17, 2015

1981 Photos

This site features a handful of 1981 images worth checking out! Images of Oscar's Obstacle Course, Twiddlebug Tunnel and Rainbow Pyramid.

Win a copy of the Sesame Place book!

Sesame Place is having a contest on their Instagram page to give away 5 copies of the new book!

From their page, here is how you enter:

Take a trip down memory lane with us and enter to win a copy of our new book celebrating #SesamePlace throughout the years! Comment with your favorite Sesame Place memory using the hashtag #SesamePlaceBookContest then check back on 7/21 to see if you're a winner! 
We can't wait to read all your fun memories!

CLICK HERE to enter and read the other great memories!

The logo on the Computers

You may remember this post from the other day about a detail I noticed in a photo from the book. Turns out Greg Hartley, a long time Sesame Place employee, had one of these and let me see it in person. It was made of metal and bolted to the frame that went around the computer monitor. Ernie's said "7 and up," Grover was "under 7."

This showed which computers played games for what age range.

1983 National Park Service newsletter

Here is a 1983 National Park Service newsletter with a great article on Sesame Place by Sandra Hanna. Ms. Hanna was the director of education programs during the early days of the park and was very influential in shaping Sesame Place at the very beginning.

This article does provide us with some very interesting details. First, it came out in 1983 and it mentions that Sesame Place closes for the late fall and winter months. This is contrasted by the 1980 brochure that explained that they were open year round and only the outside attractions closed in the cold months.

I assume that there was not enough customers that came to the park when it was partially closed. So the park was only year-round for 1 or 2 years.

Also, this confirms that the animatronic Oscar and Cookie Monster were indeed called Automated Muppets. This term had previously appeared in a newspaper article, but we have found flaws in them in the past.

Finally, this article mentions that additional Sesame Places were planned around the country. At this time Texas was still open.

When we were researching the book we had heard from longtime Sesame Place employee Greg Hartley that San Diego was expected to be the third park location, but it never happened. Also, these articles show that Florida was also scouted.