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Friday, July 20, 2012

Sesame Place Water Tower

When I hear the name Sesame Place Water Tower, I always think of the large water tower off route 95 with the Sesame Street characters on it:
Image from Signs and Graphics

However, long before the water tower first got a Sesame Place face lift in 1993 there was a attraction called Sesame Place Water Tower.

The Sesame Place Water Tower was described in the opening day brochure as:

Youngsters pump water to the top of a 20-foot tower 
and then let it tumble down to turn a wheel; 
children also can direct streams of water at targets.

1980 Image from YouTube

At 20 feet tall, the Water Tower was a wonderful place to over see the park.

Image from Facebook

The very top of the tower featured a bunch of colorful orbs. The top one featured Big Bird's picture.

Image from YouTube

Big Bird Bridge passed through the Water Tower, so it's likely that the tower actually was necessary to stabilize Big Bird Bridge.

Image from Henson

The Sesame Place Water Tower likely was removed Flying Fish was built in 2006..
Image from Cardcow

Today the area houses the Flyin' Fish attraction.

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