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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mix ‘n’ Match Twiddle Tracks

Mix ‘n’ Match Twiddle Tracks is an attraction at Sesame Place located in the Twiddlebugs Land section of the park.

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Twiddlebug Land opened in 1993 and is possibly the best themed section of the whole park. Guests get to experience being the size of bugs due to the wonderful details.

Based on the small bugs who live under Ernie & Bert's window, the land is themed with wonderful touches like giant paperclips holding up signage. 

To board the attraction kids line up in a queue made from over-sized playing cards.

The cars look like little matchboxes. Kids climb in and pump a handle to move the car on the tracks, similar to how an old "mining car" works.

The tracks wind around a small area underneath Sky Splash. Tunnels are made from giant buckets and flower pots.

This is a very simple attraction, but provides a bit of exercise (as kids use the handle to propel their own car) and teaches them a bit about the levers and mechanical resilience.

After your child finishes riding, they exit by an oversized button held up by a giant paper clip.

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