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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1981 Park Map

Here is a wonderful old park map that is currently on eBay:

The cover shows some kids playing in The Count's Ball Room and inside is a wonderful map of the park drawn by Jack Davis:

The map highlights The Count's Ballroom, Ernie's Bed Bounce, Net's N' Climbs, Cookie Mountain, Shadow Room (Sesame Gallery), Computer Gallery and Grover's Cable Glide.

The map also has some items numbered:
1. Big Bird's Entry
2. Big Bird's Walkway
3. Sesame Place Tower
4. Grover's Cable Glide
5. Snuffle Ball
6. Grover's Rubber Band Bounce
7. Rainbow Pyramid
8. Twiddlebug Hop
9. Twiddlebug Tunnel
10. Sesame Garden
11. Rubber Duckie Pond
12. (can't read this part) Tube Slides
13. The Count's Ballroom
14. Oscar's Obstacle Course
15. Bert's Balance Beam
16. Sesame Beach
17. Amazing Mumford's Water Maze
18. (cant read this part) Slab Slide
19. (can't read this part) Slide
20. Ernie's Bed Bounce
21. Herry's Hand Over Water
22. Monster Maze
23. Big Bird's Nest
24. Balancing Buoys
25. Cookie Mountain
26. Snake Tube
27. Sesame Construction Company
28. Nets and Climbs

The other side of the map features a look at The Computer Gallery, The Food Factory, The Sesame Place Studio and Mr. Hooper's Store:


  1. Very cool blog! I also have fond memories of Sesame Place as a child, alas I find it's current incarnation very sad. Here's a really cool 12 minute ad I found on youtube:


  2. Thank you! That is a wonderful video I have a used a few screen shots from it on the blog. I have linked that (and many other vintage videos) under the "videos" token on the sidebar.
    Thanks for checking in! If you have any photos, videos etc to share, please do!

  3. There's a video called "Sesame Place Party". Do you know which places the adults were at in the video?

    And also, what is "Sesame Garden"?

    1. sesame garden was a place where you saw flowers and such. i remember it from going in tha 1990s.