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Monday, June 18, 2012

Big Bird's Nest

Big Bird Court does feature a play area that is called Big Bird's Nest, but there was once another nest on property.
Above is a shot of Big Bird's house at the end of Sesame Neighborhood. It looks essentially the same as it did when Sesame Neighborhood was added to the park in 1988... with one exception.

Peep holes.

Small holes had been drilled into the doors so that kids could see inside. Inside was a large Bird Bird nest and a few other props.

Big Bird's nest appeared to be made from wood and rope. There were always kids trying to peek in there to see if Big Bird was taking a nap.

Today the holes are gone and the backdoor sports a deadbolt.

I believe the inside of the house is actually used by the janitorial staff.

It's not really a problem. I'm sure Big Bird can afford a better pad by now.

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